Anyone whos played Battlefield will know it has its problems, but for us it has given the stiffest competition to the series of games this clan is based on. But unlike previous versions of the game, the latest version really has gone full on with its looks, possibly the sexiest first person shooter thus far. The way the squaddies move and enter doors, all just looks lovely.

Personally, I have my fingers and every other thing crossed that this game plays as well as it looks, and that you dont need a supercomputer costing thousands to play it. Yeh its on consoles, but what the hell is that about. Only seen demo for single player so far, but knowing Dice, the multiplayer is where their heart is, so that should be even better. 

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Hippy||DUTA|| on Thursday, 2 June 2011, 09:38:17
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Well initial impressions from our man Apps seems very good with much to hope for. Maybe a game has finally arrived to please the majority of our members, many of whom are still hanging in with RvS while a few others experiment with more recent FPSers. Dice are running beta testing in September on all platforms, and will be available to those who purhcashed MOH:Limited Edition as well as those who pre-order Battlefield 3, who will get 48 hour early access to the beta. So for those who did purchase MOH check ya game box and ya emails and be prepared to test soon, and for any others maybe get the BF3 pre-order in. I believe this is just at origin, but I could be wrong. See you on the battlefield soon.
Well the beta is out for all to go test. Just grab yourself Origin and download the beta to give it a go. Many are currently testing with mixed responses at the moment. For sure the biggest gripe seems to be the web interface. Still seems much to do and with the release date not far away, lets hope we not in for another GT5 delaying nightmare. Although it may give many an opportunity to upgrade their hardware ready for the battles ahead. Fingers still crossed.

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