It seems to be a very rare thing within DUTA nowadays, but we blame that on the lack of a decent replacement for RVS. But nevertheless we promote some of the communities oldest players for continued service to DUTA and the Rainbow Six series. 

A big congratulations to Rage for becoming a Captain, keep up the good work buddy, always a pleasure seeing you on.

We have three new Commanding Officers, two of which have been here before, and the other was highly ranked with his old clan. Congratulations to Klael, Mad and Sub on becoming our latest 2nd Lieutenants. All well deserved for general gameplay and continued activity, long may it continue.

Our fingers remain crossed for a new game to entertain us in the coming years and to utilise these new positions. Battlefield 3 still remains our best hope and we look forward to its release soon. It may not be a perfect replacement to what many of us have come to love in the Rainbow Six series, but thats been in decline for some time now and unlikely to ever be matched. God damn Ubisoft.

Submitted by Hippy||DUTA||
Hippy||DUTA|| on Thursday, 1 September 2011, 02:03:46
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