Due to the fact our phorum has collapsed in on itself, thought it would be wise to let people know about the current state of mods on our server. For all those who wish to play on DUTA, we highly recommend you downloading the following maps when you have the time. Some are quite big, and an as such should not be downloaded when you wish to play. The main maps being used are contained in map pack 2, map pack 3, map pack 4, urban opps 1.2, and a few individuals such as Chalet_rs, Trainyard_rs and warehouse district. Generally it is also best to install in that order to comply with maps on the server. Sorry to all for the inconvenience, but for sniper bunkers alone it has been more than worth it. More info including links are available on the phorum under public hosting. Also check out RvS links on duta.links. Enjoy all.
Hippy||DUTA|| on Sunday, 20 February 2005, 22:56:47
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