Well another one bites the dust, and what dust it was, so tasty and fine it all went way to quickly. Dust anyone, noooo? Dust anyone, nooooo? Well firstly Id like to say a big thanks to all those who attended, both near and far, your effort as always was much appreciated. A special big thanks to Nilrem and his Lady( Mrs Nilrem to you) for all their effort in bits and bobs, and so much cooking, even our skinny asses seemed to leave looking healthier. ITS A LAN FFS!!! Your meant to come out sickly and pale, and yes in my case, its the way I came in. Anyway, truly massive thanks to your good lady and likewise to mine for keeping us all fed and cha'd to feck. I would also like to say thanks to the Doc, not only for staying awake for what seemed like the entire weekend with me, but also filling much of that time with endless matches of PES4, many games were had, and much pain with it..... Great stuff, truly enjoyed the games, even with the French national anthem. Got so much at one stage, I needed and received a hug, although Im sure this was only given to keep me playing. SiF bOOn, I OwNzOrEd.....LOL damn him, it worked..... Anyway great stuff man, and as always dude, the banter was truly a delight, so thanks for the great night/day/night. I lost count of the hours..... I must also add well done to all for being organised, and also sticking to the planned games, no time was wasted on installs and people who couldnt get the game working. Just a few maps for most of us and endless games, this was truly great news and without doubt made my weekend far easier, and alas much more fun. Again the console moments we had broke up the routine and added some much needed beatings for all, and of course such faces of horror and torment as to amuse us all. Fuck you Hayabusa, fuck you up your groaning ass....... Today we have mostly been playing RvS, DoA ultimate and PES4 in 2 and 4 player modes. (Clearly the king of football games IMO, and I believe will be proven by LAN, give it time.....) Anyway, proves that organisation does work, however special Creeper and Razor may be, we still managed to get plenty of good games in. I have forgiven you both already, although please do be aware next time I ask for dates, the usual 'Ill be there' may not be sufficient to book you a place. And as always Creeper, when we have LANs, its the whole weekend, but a pleasure to have you for the saturday anyway. hehe Truly a pleasure though to all those who did turn up, great games were had by all, and a special treat to meet Rooster, who didnt let us down in anyway, another great man, another gentlemen and without doubt a worthy addition to this old sarcastic assed clan, keep it up man and thanks for making the journey. And also extra special thanks for the outburst of the weekend, a good hearty 'FUCK OFF' aimed at yours truly during a hard but fair round of sniper bunkers. Couldnt of been any better placed. LMAO Thank you all muchly. You have inspired me to have more without Q.
Hippy||DUTA|| on Monday, 28 February 2005, 22:59:41
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