Official News Release Duta Head Quarters has the proud satisfaction of announcing the marriage of two of its ranked members, Lester|||DUTA|||COL. and IckleB|||DUTA|||CPL. were joined in matrimony at the Charnwood Hotel, Blythe in Nottinghamshire at 1430 Hrs Saturday 9 July 2005. The Wedding Party consisted of many members of the DUTA squad and also accompanying civilians, H!ppY|||DUTA|||GEN. took up position as Best Man, and was ably supported by other DUTAs. The celebrations continued at the primary residence until manoeuvres to the HHH at midnight called an official end to the evening. Unofficial DUTA squad news WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :-D
DUTA has had an absolutely amazing weekend!!! On Saturday 9th July, Lester and Ickle got married!!! :-D The weather was amazing (hothothot), the bride and groom looked incredible, and the company was fantastic. Truly a day in a million.... For those that couldn’t be there, here is a link to the available photographs, in the hope that you can feel some of the love through the photos :-) There were many many DUTAs there, obviously both the bride and groom were in attendance :-P , but Lester was ably assisted by Hippy as best man. Other dutas who made the big day, were (in order of rank) Nilrem (and his good lady Mrs Nilrem), Dr Aidan (who came alone the big Looser, well unless you count...), Creeper, Razor and his far more charming Lady L, Maddock, the incredible and incorrigible Ginja and Bansh who travelled great distances to attend. But not quite so far as MaD and Klael, who I’m sure delighted the happy couple by making the long and difficult trek sooth. And last but certainly not least Valiant and N, who did superbly well for introducing himself to the assembled group of Nuts and not slipping quietly off and never coming near DUTA again.... bravo that man.
If you can imagine the perfect summer wedding on a green hotel lawn, then just superimpose a few dutas in drunker moments over the top of the image and you will be about there.... much hilarity, much drunkenness, some nakedness and ALOT of homoerotic play and you get the idea ;-) Much Love and Happiness to the newly married couple and all DUTA wish them a long and happy future together.
Hippy||DUTA|| on Saturday, 9 July 2005, 23:05:34
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