The latest news within DUTA is that there are two new CO's to drink brandy and smoke cigars in the recently recarpeted Officers Lounge. Congratulations to Rage and Rooster in your promotions to 2nd Lieutenants, for your determined efforts working up through the ranks via heady stressful days as bully sergeants shouting at the grunts, now you can relax sit back and enjoy the shagpile.... Also we have the pleasure of introducing new members to the DUTA roster, to more than fill the vacant spaces left in the Mess Hall, welcome to Apps|||DUTA|||PVT., Nab|||DUTA|||PVT., Saint|||DUTA|||PVT. and last but never least Recon1|||DUTA|||PVT.
Hippy||DUTA|| on Thursday, 1 September 2005, 23:07:23
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