As the title may suggest, this springs LAN was hosted over the Valentines Weekend, and despite promising to be the biggest yet, the HHH hosted the almost obligatory 9 gamers present. This springs collection, shown in a range of stunning wedding hats and Poker shades, included some unusual rarities from the south, namly Evil_SAS-BX (and his biological weaponry) ; alongside the more local DUTA regular lanners Hippy, Nevyn, Nilrem, Lester and Creeper. More distant travelers included Razor, Apps and we also had the pleasure of Mads company (and a brief visit from Klael and family). Despite missing out on the company of Nab, Rooster and FelT, all of whom had last minute dilemmas which meant they couldnt make it, it was a storming succsess. The main entertainment was (of course) RVS adverserial and BF2 (on co-op maps), followed by masses of poker DUTA stylee, those who have seen the photos or have been to previous party poker nights will know the look ;) Wonderful snacks were again provided for by Mrs Nil, though I cant personaly believe that all you non veggies left some chocolate cake......!
Hippy||DUTA|| on Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 23:08:26
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