It is nearly spring, and as that has little to interest the rank and phile of duta, the Senior CO's are clearly feeling the fluttering of age and have posted a host of promotions.....I am sure that all will agree that these promotions are richly deserved and they will all continue to be assets to DUTA in these new posts. Starting from the top, which is incidentaly where this fella seems to be heading, not only exchanging a single brass bar for a set of shiny silver bars but he gains his very own key to the Officers brandy cabinet; congratulations to Rooster for attaining a Captaincy, for his skill, leadership abilities, technical advisory capabilites and all round bloody good chapness. We also have two new Sergeants on our roll due to the promotion of Apps and Mi5, for game knowledge, tactical abilities and increasing leadership ; which leaves a gaping void where we should have Corporals..... So a huge and heady round of congrats to Recon1 and Nab for their promotions to Corporal, for their great game play and team perception. (Our northerly contingent continues to reinforce the SAS's own recruitment policy it seems....) We are also very happy to announce a new probationary member, already an RVS friend to most so no introductions should be needed, please welcome FelT into DUTA.
Hippy||DUTA|| on Thursday, 9 March 2006, 23:09:27
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