Massive congratulations to our latest group of promotions. All very much deserved and I look forward to playing with you in your new roles.

They have been given to two of our oldest men, Rooster and Madness and our two newest Sub and Stryx.

A huge big up to Rooster for reaching Brigadier, only the fifth man to reach such heights in all DUTAs years. Our other three promotions are all to Sergeant and all to very experienced men. Mad previously reaching CO status within DUTA and Sub and Stryx bringing previous clan experiences at a very high level.

Also a nod to Rage, Nab, Mumbles, Klael and Yobbo for some great games of late, your continued commitment is always noted and appreciated.

Hippy||DUTA|| on Thursday, 18 June 2009, 21:26:02
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