About Us

DUTA (Detached Urban Tactical Assault) is a multi-gaming clan formed in the Autumn of 1999 by Megha and Hippy on the back of localisation testing of  Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear that Hippy did for Redstorm Entertainment. Feeling like this was the game that he was created for, he soon hassled Megha to buy and try, and within weeks Megha had returned the favour by taking it online and meeting others and nagging him back. Their first experiences were great building blocks and they learned their craft with the likes of Oelsner and Plank of NSG, and also with DAT, Broz and the SP Cows. Thanks still go out to the Scandinavian crowd, especially DAT (Danish Assault Team), not only for being great hosts but also seriously good team players. If DUTA owes anyone thanks, it's these guys for moulding the way we try to play to this day. This was DUTA's game of choice at that time and some of us still remember the pain and lengths we went through to play this over the internet using dial up modems. Thats right, 56K was the maximum bandwidth we had to play this game, connecting to that old gaming service Mplayer (now known as something green called Game Spy) to find friends and servers.

Of course we played through all the expansion packs for Rogue Spear - Urban Operations, Covert Operations and Black Thorn. We still have great fondness for this game and those times, well those of us who can remember it anyway. In Spring of 2003 UBI soft, who had by this time purchased RedStorm Entertainment, released the next version of Rainbow Six, in the form of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. This was quickly taken up as DUTA's new game of choice, even with all its bugs and updates. We are known to have played many other FPS games such as Counterstrike, Medal of Honour, Sum of All Fears, Battlefield, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, although most quite briefly due to game type and a general devolution of military sims. Our love still lies with Redstorm and Rogue Spear, although Raven Shield is our current game of choice. We would consider ourselves serious team based CQC simmers and that is what we look for in our games.

From DUTA's humble beginings of just two brothers the clan has gone from strength to strength and although losing a couple of good men along the way we currently have over 30 soldiers and still growing. Started as a family unit and then taking on friends we met in game, we also hired from our initial spawning ground, i.e. the localisation company. We've also benefitted hugely through hiring from many clans we've gamed with over the years. DUTA considers the gaming community very important, not only for the fun aspect but also due to trust, relying on the strength of other clans to make the games hard, honest and fair throughout. We've been part of and survived several communities including UKA and EA with likeminded clans who also see the benefits of a community. We only hire people we know well and this is made all the easier if they existed within the community clans we came to trust, most notably SaD UK, SAS BX and SSG.

Although DUTA consists of many different personalities we all have one thing in common; we are all good friends looking for great games and good times.

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