Beretta 93R

Calibre 9x19mm Parabellum
Weight 1170g
Length 240mm
Barrel Length 156mm
ROF 110rpm
Magazine 20
Range 50m

The index 93 stands for "9mm, 3rd model", and the suffix "R" means "Raffica" - burst[-firing]. This special purpose sidearm was intended for police and military forces who may require improved firepower in a compact weapon during close-quarter combat. The basic design of the 93R machine pistol is based on the famous beretta 92 pistol. The mechanism which controls the length of the bursts is located behind the right grip panel. The Beretta 93R pistol uses 20-round magazines but can also use standard Beretta 92 magazines. The 93R uses the same short recoil operated, locked breech system with vertically cammed lock. The slide retains typical Beretta-style open-top design. The trigger mechanism, however, is somewhat different from Beretta 92, as it is a single action only, with non-ambidextrous frame mounted safety and additional fire mode selector (both mounted on the same axis, with the selector lever pointing forward and safety lever pointing backward).

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