FN Five-SeveN

Calibre 5.7x28mm
Weight 620g
Length 208mm
Barrel Length 122.5mm
Magazine 20
Range 100m

The Five-seveN pistol was designed as a complimentary sidearm for the P90 smg. The P90 and Five-seveN share the same ammunition, the 5.7x28mm cartridge. The SS190 ball FMJ armour piercing ammunition is designed to penetrate body armour and limited to military markets.

The Five-seveN is a delayed blowback operated, semi-automatic firearm. It featured polymer frame with underbarrel acessory rail. The gun is available in two versions: Five-seveN standard, intended mostly for military users, and Five-seveN Tactical, intended mostly for Law Enforcement users who carry handguns as a primary weapons. The only difference between Standard and Tactical models is in the trigger type: the Five-seveN standard features Double Action Only trigger with long trigger pull and no external safeties; The Five-seveN Tactical featured Single Action trigger with short and light trigger pull and ambidextrous safety switch, located on the frame above the trigger. The sights are fixed, with optional night sights (with luminous dots inserts) available. A threaded barrel is available for mounting a silencer.

Though an effective weapon, the Five-seveN has not been widely adopted, due mostly to the rather unconventional concept and ammunition. Current users include several international special forces (including the French GIGN) and a large number of local police department SWAT teams.

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