Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

Calibre 9x19mm Parabellum
Weight 2780g
Length (stock open) 603mm
Length (stock closed) 368mm
Barrel Length 140mm
ROF 900 rpm
Magazine 30
Range 200m

Technically, the MP5K is no more than a shortened MP5 (K stands for "Kurz", short in German) with vertical front grip. The MP5K-PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is essentially an MP5K with a folding buttstock and threaded barrel. The three-lug barrel of the MP5K-PDW allows the attachment of suppresors, flash hider, blank firing device or grenade launcher.

The MP5K-PDW fires from a closed-bolt position using HK's unique roller-locked bolt system during all modes of fire, which helps to make the MP5K and MP5K-PDW submachine guns extremely accurate and controllable.

A selection of optional trigger groups allow for single fire only, full automatic, 2-round and 3-round burst options. The weapon's unique modular design and a variety of optional buttstocks, sight mounts and other accessories gives the MP5K-PDW extraordinary flexibility to meet any mission requirement. The MP5K-PDW can be conveniently carried by right or left handed individuals using a variety of specially designed carrying slings, shoulder and thigh holsters.

Designed for vehicle operators, aircrew members, security details, and others who require a small, but powerful weapon; it is comparable in performance to full size MP5s. The size and weight of the MP5K-PDW make this weapon the ideal choice where a rifle or full-sized submachine gun is unmanageable and a handgun is a poor compromise.

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