Calibre 9x19mm Parabellum
Weight 3500g
Length (stock open) 650 mm
Length (stock closed) 470 mm
Barrel Length 260mm
ROF 600rpm
Magazine 32
Range 150m

The UZI SMG (Sub Machine Gun) is the original and senior member of the UZI family, developed in Israel by Usiel Gal, and manufactured by IMI. This revolutionary sub machine gun was the first to introduce design features that later found their way into many other guns. The UZI's angular body is made from pressed steel parts. The UZI uses a unique blowback mechanism with a bolt that wraps around the end of the barrel. Empty cases are ejected through slots in the body. This unique design is the key to achieving a combination of firepower and compact dimensions.

The receiver is made from stamped steel, with trigger unit and pistol grip pinned to its bottom at the center. The cocking handle is located at the top of the receiver cover, and does not move when gun is fired; the cocking handle slot is covered by sliding dust cover. Bolt handle is cut at the middle to provide a sighting channel. Gun is fitted with manual safety / fire selector, located on the left side of the grip, plus automatic grip safety at the rear, fitted either with a detachable wooden shoulder stock, or with underfolding metallic shoulder stock.

Today, after more than half a century in service by the world's leading defense forces, the UZI family has a place of honour in firearms history. The new company Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) which was launched from a privatized spin-off of IMI's original small arms division continues the production and development of the UZI.

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