Skorpion vz. 61

Calibre 7.65x17mm
Weight 1280g
Length (stock open) 517mm
Length (stock closed) 270mm
Barrel Length 115mm
ROF 850rpm
Magazine 20
Range 25m

The Skorpion is an interesting little weapon which is somewhat hard to classify - is it a machine pistol (a full-automatic weapon for single-hand fire) or a submachine gun (also an automatic weapon, but for shoulder fire).

The Skorpion is a blowback operated weapon, with original rate-reducing mechanism. The rate reducer uses special sear which locks the bolt in the rearward position. A special plunger reciprocates down and up in the channel made within pistol grip. When bolt comes to its rearmost position, it strikes the plunger and then is locked by the sear. Plunger cycles inside its channel, and on its return trips the sear to release the bolt using the relatively weak 7.65mm Browning cartridge which allows it to be silenced very easily. It also features an ambidextrous cocking handle and fitted with folding shoulder stock, made from steel wire.

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