Ingram MAC 11

Calibre 9x17mm Browning Short
Weight 1590g
Length (stock open) 460mm
Length (stock closed) 248mm
Barrel Length 129mm
ROF 1200rpm
Magazine 16/32
Range 30m

The Ingram .380 MAC11 (Military Armament Corporation Model 11) is a compact and reliable weapon with a high rate of fire. The light weight and high rate of fire resulted in marginal accuracy and relatively short effective range, making the MACs a good choice for building sweeps and inside-the-vehicle operations.

The MAC 11 has open sights with the rear pinhole sight welded to the receiver. These sights are for use with the folding stock, as using them without the stock is nearly useless because of the initial jump of the weapon due to its heavy, open-bolt design. The MAC 11 also has two safety features which are also found on the Model 10A1. The charging handle rotates to the 90 degrees to lock the bolt in the forward position thus preventing the weapon from being cocked. The second safety is a slider which is pushed forward to lock the trigger, which in turn pins the bolt to the rear (cocked) position. This prevents the weapon from discharging even when dropped, which is a typical problem with the open-bolt design.

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