Calibre 9x19mm Parabellum
Weight 2050g
Length (stock open) 510mm
Length (stock closed) 282mm
Barrel Length 134mm
ROF 1200rpm
Magazine 20/32
Range 30m

The UZI submachine gun range was developed in Israel by Usiel Gal, and manufactured by IMI. In the 1990s a newer and smaller member to the family was introduced. The Micro UZI was designed to maintain strong automatic fire power achieved with handgun dimensions. The Micro UZI was also designed to assume the role of Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) in various combat units.

The more compact versions, the Mini and Micro UZI, are adopted by many police, special operations and security units around the world. The Micro Uzi also has additional weight, made from tungsten, attached to the bolt, to slightly slow down the overly excessive rate of fire. The cocking handle is located at the top of the receiver cover, and does not move when gun is fired; the cocking handle slot is covered by sliding dust cover. Bolt handle is cut at the middle to provide a sighting channel.

The micro Uzi is fitted with manual safety / fire selector, located on the left side of the grip, plus automatic grip safety at the rear, fitted with side-folding metallic buttstocks made from steel.

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