Izhmash AK-74

Calibre 5.45x39mm
Weight 3800g
Length 943mm
Barrel Length 415mm
ROF 600rpm
Magazine 30
Range 500m

AK-74 series of assault rifles is a "direct child" of the world-renowned AK-47. Following the world trend for small-calibre assault rifles, M.T.Kalashnikov created this weapon system for a lightweight and low-impulse cartridge, the 5.45mm.

The AK-74 is a magazine-fed, selective-fire, intermediate-caliber assault rifle with a rigid piston gas system and rotating bolt locking mechanism. The stamped sheet metal receiver is borrowed from the AKM. The AK-74 differs in several ways from the AKM, most notably with its distinctive muzzle brake, designed to reduce the already mild recoil and muzzle climb of the 5.45x39mm round. Though the muzzle brake is very effective, this is at the cost of producing a very loud muzzle blast. The AK-74 was originally fitted with a laminated wood stock, but later production models, as well as the current AK-74M, use plum-colored or black glass-filled polyamide furniture, giving later rifles an all-black appearance. The AK-74M may also be fitted with a solid plastic side-folding stock hinged at the rear of the receiver. Rear sight, while being of the same old design, was accordingly recalibrated for the new cartridge with much flatter trajectory. Some minor improvements also were made in the production process and external finish of the new rifle.

AK-74M retained almost all advantages and disadvantages of the earlier Kalashnikov designs, including reliability, simplicity of operations and maintenance, and less than ideal "human engineering" and ergonomics.

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