Calibre 5.56x45mm NATO
Weight 4060g
Length (stock open) 997mm
Length (stock closed) 776mm
Barrel Length 449mm
ROF 700rpm
Magazine 30
Range 450m

The FN FNC (Fabrique Nationale Carbine) inherited the best ideas and characteristics of the Israeli Galil , Soviet AK and the Belgian FAL. The FNC is a gas operated, selective fire, magazine fed weapon. The barrel is equipped with a flash hider which also serves as a rifle grenade launcher.

The cocking handle is attached to the bolt carrier at the right side and does reciprocate with the bolt group when gun is fired. The rear part of the cocking handle slot, cut in the upper receiver for cocking handle, is covered by the spring-loaded cover which automatically opens by the handle when it goes back and automatically closes the opening when cocking handle returns forward.

FNC is equipped with hooded post front sight and a flip-up, "L" shaped rear diopter sight with 2 settings, for 250 and 400 meters range. The controls of the FNC consist of a mode selector switch on the left side of the receiver including safe, single shot, 3 round burst and automatic.

The FNC comes equipped with side-folding buttstock, made of steel and covered by plastic and also with sling swivels. It can be fitted with special bayonet or with adapter for US M7 knife-bayonet. If required, FNC could be fitted with 4X telescope sight or various IR / night vision sights.

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