Calibre 5.56x45mm NATO
Weight 4350g
Length (stock open) 979 mm
Length (stock closed) 742 mm
Barrel Length 979 mm
ROF 650rpm
Magazine 30
Range 450m

This Israeli made rifle can be described as a modified Kalashnikov AK-47 design. The key differences between the Galil and the AK-47 are as follows. The Galil featured a machined steel receivers of the original AK-47 rifles, but of slightly different shape. The AK-47-style safety - selector switch at the right side of the gun is complemented by the additional smaller switch at the left side of the receiver, above the pistol handle. The cocking handle is bent upward, so it can be operated with either hand.

The sights of the Galil featured a front hooded post, mounted on the gas block, with the rear diopter sight, mounted on the receiver top cover. Rear sight is of the flip-up type, with settings for 300 and 500 meters. Additional folding night sights with luminous inserts can be raised into position, which allows to aim the gun in the low light conditions at the ranges of up to 100 meters.

The Galil ARM also features a folding detachable bipods and a carrying handle. The bipod base incorporates a bottle opener and a wire cutter. The standard folding buttstock is patterned after FN FAL Para, folds to the right to save the space. Standard ARM rifles can be fitted with scope mounting rail on the left side of the receiver. In general, the Galil rifles are fine weapons, but somewhat heavy and expensive to manufacture.

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