Degtyarev RPD

Calibre 7.62x39mm
Weight 7400g
Length 1037mm
Barrel Length 520mm
ROF 650rpm
Magazine 100
Range 800m

The RPD is a light Russian machine gun that dates back to World War II. It is a common light support weapon (LSW) which is a gas operated, firing the 7.62x39mm round from a 100 round drum magazine, and only fires in full automatic mode. The name stands for Ручной Пулемет Дегтярева (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyareva). It can be fired from a prone position with the built-in bipod, or from the hip with the aid of a sling, and left hand pressing on the specially shaped foregrip to reduce muzzle climb. It is fed by refillable non-disintegrating 100-rounds belt. Two parts of the belt, 50 rounds each, are held together by the cartridge. After firing 50 rounds, used part of the belt is dropped down from receiver so as to not hinder gunner's movement. Belts are stacked in the drum boxes, which may be attached under the receiver.

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