Barrett M82A1

Calibre 12.7x99mm NATO
Weight 1290g
Length 1448mm
Barrel Length 737mm
Magazine 10
Range 2000m

The M82 (also known as the M107, and designated the L82A1 in the UK) is a heavy SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle) developed by the American Barrett Firearms Company. It is also known as the "Light Fifty" due to its .50 calibre chambering. The weapon is found in two variants — the original M82A1 (and A3) and the bullpup M82A2. The M82A2 is no longer manufactured, though XM500 can be seen as its spiritual successor, in that it also employs a bullpup configuration.

The M82 is a short recoil semi-automatic firearm. When fired, the barrel initially recoils for a short distance being securely locked by the rotating bolt. After the short travel, a post on the bolt engaged in the curved cam track in the receiver turns the bolt to unlock it from the barrel. As soon as the bolt unlocks, the accelerator arm strikes it back, transferring part of the recoil energy of the barrel to the bolt to achieve reliable cycling.

The M82A1 rifles are fitted with scope mount (Generally for the Leupold M series 10X) and folding backup iron sights. Every M82 rifle is equipped with a folding carrying handle and a folding bipod. The buttpad is fitted with a soft recoil pad to further decrease the felt recoil. As well as easily penetrating Type IV body armour, the M82 can additionally pierce hard armours and level 8 ballistic glass (considered the strongest available). In skilled hands, the Barrett can disable/destroy vehicles, light armour, parked aircraft and fixed installations such as radar dishes. It is also a highly effective anti-sniper weapon as its rounds can penetrate a sniper's cover such as walls. The Barrett has found a role in the global war on terror : to clear IEDs and mines from a safe distance and disabling vehicle-mounted improvised explosives (terrorist-driven car bombs). A well-placed .50 round to a vehicle's engine block is enough to stop it in its tracks.

The M82 is a truly fearsome sniper wepaon, and has recorded a confirmed kill of 1800m in the gulf war. The destructive force of the .50 BMG round makes it decisive in both anti-personnel and anti-material roles. It is currently used by many units and armies around the world, including American and British Special Forces.

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