Heckler & Koch PSG-1

Calibre 7.62x51mm NATO
Weight 8100g
Length 1280mm
Barrel Length 650mm
Magazine 10
Range 600m

One of the most accurate off-the-shelf sniper rifles available. A favorite of police forces around the world, the PSG-1 ("Präzisions-Scharfschützen-Gewehr", German for "precision sharpshooter rifle"). Technically, the PSG-1 is no more than a heavily modified G3 rifle. It features the same roller-delayed blowback action, derived from earlier CETME rifles, and the same stamped steel receiver with separate detachable trigger unit. The heavy barrel is precisely made by the cold hammer forging process with polygonal rifling for improved accuracy and longer life.

All PSG-1s are free of iron sights but come mounted with the Hensoldt 6×42 scope with illuminated reticle, a heavy free-floating barrel and adjustable stock. The PSG-1 stock is of high impact plastic, matte black in color can be adjusted to fit anyone. It is adjustable for length, pivoting butt cap and includes a vertically-adjustable cheekpiece. The forend is fitted with a T-way rail for sling swivel or tripod. The rifle also features a removable and adjustable trigger unit, for further individual fitting of the rifle. The trigger is adjustable for pull and is removable from pistol grip. The pistol grip is of a target-type with an adjustable palm shelf.

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