VSS Vintorez

Calibre 9x39mm SP-5, SP-6
Weight 2800g
Length 894mm
Barrel Length 200mm
ROF 700rpm
Magazine 10
Range 400m

The VSS (Russian: Винтовка Снайперская Специальная, Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya), "Special Sniper Rifle", also named Vintorez (Thread Cutter), is a suppressed sniper rifle in use by various military organizations, especially those of former Soviet states, and was designed for special operations. The bullet features a hardened steel penetrator as the core, and can defeat most military issue body armors at ranges up to 300-400 meters.

The VSS Vintorez was designed from the start to be a suppressed, flashless, sniper rifle. Taking advantage of the heavy subsonic 9 x 39 mm cartridge in combination with its integral sound suppressor, to be a quiet weapon. The heavy bullet is very effective at penetrating kevlar even with its sub-sonic speed. Its effective range is 400 meters. The VSS is normally used in semi-automatic, but it is capable of automatic fire. Since the VSS is meant for use in discreet operations, the VSS can be broken down into three parts to be carried in a special briefcase. The briefcase also has space for a PSO-1 scope, a NSPU-3 night vision device, and two magazines. Standard sighting equipment consists of side rail on the receiver, which usually accommodates the 4X PSO-1 scope, graduated for 9x39 ammo. Any other scope or night vision sight can be mounted on appropriate mount. Backup iron sights consist of tangent rear and blade front.

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