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War ListChallenge DUTA

Date and Time 28-10-07 09:30 ( Sunday )
Game Raven Shield 
Type Team Deathmatch 
League Friendly 

Clan Squad Tag DUTA 
Clan Squad Name Detached Urban Tactical Assault 

Opponent Tag 507 
Opponent Name Unknown 
Opponent Contact Restricted to clan 
Opponent Website http:// 
Opponent IRC irc:// 

Rules 6v6, FF On, Frags, Flashes, High Caps Secondary Only, HBS, Explosives 
Server 507 Fun server 
Server Pass Restricted to clan 
Info / Report
Some great work seen by both teams, with 507 being very tough opposition. Well done all great fun. Thanks for hosting and organising 507 great games indeed, and we certainly be up for a re-match just let us know.

Map Clan Side Clan Score Opponent Score
Total 35  12 
Result Won 

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